Shigeru Kawai - SK5 Grand Piano on Sale!

 Shigeru Kawai (SK5) Grand Piano on Sale

Kawai's Finest Handcrafted Musical Instrument - The Shigeru Piano
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SK5 Grand Piano Specification:
Serial Number: 2382951; a 2000/01 Production Year model
Size: 6' 6"; 197cm (L) X 153cm (W) X 102cm (H)
Color: Ebony (Black) High Gloss
Weight: 344Kg

Condition: Used (Japan); Excellent Condition; like NEW

World's Most Advanced Concert Grand, Limited Edition, Superb Quality 

Highly Restored Only by Qualified Specialists  &  Affordable Price ! 


SK5 Gallery:
100% Original Photos** without any editing / touch-up done.
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SK5 Videos:
Short HD video presentation on the above Shigeru Kawai Sk5 Grand Piano.


 #1: Introduction to SK5 Grand Piano (General)



#2: Demonstrating SK5 Grand Piano
(Played by both Piano Teacher & a Piano Specialist)



SK5 Distinctive Features:
#1. Handcrafting & the Artisan: All Shigeru Pianos were known to be Kawai's Limited Edition; hand-built only by the company's elite craftsman called the Master Piano Artisans (MPAs)
#2. Kigarashi Premium-Aged Soundboard: Using the finest quality Solid Spruce soundboards which were carefully season naturally over a define duration period (may even take as long as 15 years) - to produce supremely rich, full-bodied tones
#3. Millennium III Action with ABS CarbonTM: Providing world's finest piano action in terms of  strength, stability, precision & reliability
#4. Exclusive 'Shiko Seion' Hammers: Materials made were uniquely selected from New Zealand & Australian Long-Fibre wools; hand-pressed & constructed only by Master Piano Artisan (MPA) to achieve Highest level of Voicing
#5. Temaki Bass Strings: Each Bass string were carefully hand-built for its absolute precision & proper tension to achieve Exquisite tonal depth
#6. Concert Style Dual-Pivot Damper Pedals: Offering pianist the best possible control & responsiveness in pedalling


About US:

We are Malaysia's leading Piano Recon Supplier cum Specialist. Our business was established ever since 1984 by our founder, Mr Lai. We import, refurbish then distribute all our pianos throughout Malaysia & neighbouring countries e.g Singapore. Rest assure that all our newly recon pianos will be in Grade A Quality & Excellent working conditions.

We are very Confident & Capable enough to even restore/refurbish High Precision pianos like the above Shigeru Kawai (SK5) to its Pristine condition. This masterpiece in deed produces Rich Beautiful Tones & plays Flawlessly in the hands of professional pianists/artists.

It's very difficult to describe only by words & instead you just simply need to Experience it. Besides, we also does supply other Kawai piano models as well.

Our showroom details are as follows:

Piano Showroom
Pusat Muzik LKS Setapak Sdn Bhd
157, Jalan Genting Kelang
53300, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur
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Operational Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday: 9am - 6pm
(Closed on every Monday & Public Holidays)




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